Peru returns after 36-year absence in World Cup 2018

When the last team appeared at the World Cup, the Peruvian player who went to Russia was not alive.

The 36-year wait is over.

Argentine coach Ricardo Gakarda resumed the elegant ball control and Peruvian style.

Although there is no star, Peru will want to adapt to different conditions. Players have the right to prove that they can cope with everything from the highlands of the Andes to the Amazon.

Below is a detailed study of the Peruvian team. The Peruvian team won the world championship in the playoffs against New Zealand:


Gareka is responsible for denying the place of Peru at the 1986 World Cup. He reached the goal of qualification in the national team of Argentina.He has 20 years of experience in coaching in South American club competitions, including Palmeiras, Brazil, Velezi Sassfield, Argentina and Cali, California, who have led Peru since 2015


It is expected that Pedro Galles of Veracruz, Mexico, will return Jersey No. 1 to Peru from his right knee.


Peru will rely on two players: the central defender Alberto Rodriguez and left-back Miguel Truco.At the age of 34, Rodriguez returned to Columbia’s Little Barranquilla for training in mid-April only after his right leg was injured. This year the team Trauco Flamengo in Brazil played just three games.


“Taria” Feyenoord and “Carrillo” of Waterford are an integral part of Yoshimar Jotun Orlando and qualifications. Also can be named Christian Cueva of St. Paul and Edison Flores of Aalborg, Denmark.


Gareka hopes that the best shooter Paul Guerrero has the right to participate in a positive test of stimulants in the Sports Arbitration Court.If Guerrero really will be suspended, Rockets Jefferson Farfan will have to lead. Raul Ruidias, who performed well in Montracas, Mexico, is another shooter.

Group Games

Headquarters in Moscow Peru opened in Denmark on June 16, France on June 21 and in Australia on June 26.




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