Time for France to win trophy In 2018 World Cup

France may have too many options. Especially where there is a dilemma ahead.It’s not the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, who is still ignored by coach Didier Edshan.As coaches in other countries envy Deschamps, he has a forward department, and his skills and speed and goals are high. If fans can not get the maximum benefit from the best offensive talent, fans do not care.

The French team has excellent players in other areas, including Hugo Lloris in the standings, Rafael Varan in the defense team and Paul Pogba in midfield. However, France continues to recognize soft targets and reacts to the expected pressure.Deschamps has 6 years of experience and has the right balance. On the 20th anniversary of the victory in the World Cup, fans will be optimistic that they will be able to do it.

The upper group C will give impetus to France, and only Denmark poses a serious threat. However, the dismissal of the second team may cause doubts.

Meet the French team here:


Dechamp had a stable squad after the defeat of the European Championships held in Portugal two years ago, with the same experience and excitement as Kilian Mbappa. Taking into account his talent, the French fans are looking forward to at least a semi-final in Russia. With the contract until 2020, when Les Bleus won the 1998 World Cup and the European Cup in 2000, Deschamps had the opportunity to imitate his achievements as a French captain.


Hugo Loris is the undisputed first choice. He is still as agile as ever, unshakable on the cross. However, in the recent game, LĂ©rolis made some mistakes for Tottenham and France, and against Sweden in the match against Colombia they moved away from the Swedish half of the match against Sweden. Reserve Steve Mandanda played 26 times for France and is a great shooting opportunity, but he is also prone to serious mistakes. Alphonse Areola. Since the beginning of the season in Paris, Saint-Germain, they scored 2 points.


Rafael Varanath, the mating center of Laurent Cochelne and Samuel Umitathi. Choose Varana on the right and Umtiti on the left. But the same is true when choosing Koscielni and Umtiti together. Given his title of the Champions League in Real Madrid, Deschamps could not abandon Valan. It seems that this is a direct choice between the experienced Koscielni (51 block) and Umtiti (16). Although Koscielny was a great reader of the game, and he performed better in the air, Umittti was stronger and faster in the men’s and men’s race, and he performed well in Barcelona.


As usual, all eyes are on Paul Bend. This is his chance to stop the discussion. However, his season with Manchester United was difficult, and Jose Mourinho lost patience. But Deschamps is still very loyal and defends Pogba, although he did not fully trust him. Bogby does not have a tactical discipline. Ngolokant – the right starter for the ball game. The coordinated season of Blaise Mathewdi and Juventus may be enough to make him win a seat next to Pogba and Kanter. Korenin Tolisso from Bavaria in Munich provided excellent benches to ensure a smooth passing of the ball. Dimitri Payet glittered during the European Cup in 2016, but he fights for the line.


From what point of view there is no difference. Anthony Gritzman and Olivier Giroux. It depends on what form he chooses. At 4-4-2 he can use two players simultaneously with his center, supplemented by the burning speed of Kylian Mbappe on the right flank of the 19-year-old age. A 4-3-3 is also suitable for the same trio, although Giraud in the role of a separate central forward, and the other two are transformed and revolve around it. The elusive movements of the Grizzman and an excellent feel are important to ensure a high-speed rhythm. In 30 goals, the consecutive Giroux took fourth place in the history of France. Barcelona Usman Dembele is the third player in the world after Mbagpe and Neimar, providing another great choice for Deschamps. Dembele is even faster than Mbappe, which requires some confidence. Deschamps can choose only one of the players of “Arsenal” Alexander Lakazette, “Kingsley Coleman” and “Manchester United” Anthony Mattias.

Group Games

France will open in the suburbs of Moscow in Istria and will open in Kazan and Australia on June 16. Then he will face Peru on June 21 and will face a possible group decision in Moscow, Denmark, on June 26.

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