Top 10 2018 Fantasy NASCAR Drivers

For many years NASCAR had excellent driving forces. Whenever it comes to measuring greatness, the ultimate game always tries to figure out who is the greatest. Employees of The Beyond the Flag spent several weeks writing a list of the most likely racers in the NASCAR race.This event is for Fantasy NASCAR events. Unfortunately, we must say goodbye to Yahoo Fantasy and FOX Fantasy Auto.

Of course, DFS NASCAR more than ever, but there are some options for those who want to play in the fantasy league NASCAR in the playoffs. Fantasy Live on is the most popular option, but I also recommend checking out Slingshot Fantasy Auto, a replacement for FOX games provided by Fantasy Racing Online. FantasyGames4U offers a salary, sets it and forgets about it.

In the past few years, I’ve been applying the ranking in the pre-season to Yahoo, but since that’s not an option, I’m only in the top 30 overall.

1. Kyle Busch:

Martin Truecx Jr. is about to enter the incredible season, but Bush is not too far behind, and Bush has the richer and fantastic stories of the fantasy season in all methods of scoring. In 2017, he won the second place in the most rating categories, and he is on a remarkable distance Truex in the category of key rulers – ahead on his knees and works the fastest. Truex can have a slightly higher limit, but Busch is the safest choice and can be a triple.

2. Martin Truex Jr:

I’m not sure that Trux can dominate in 2018 as last year’s championship, but I believe that he already has another fantastic year of fantasy. He was so fast in the 1.5-millimeter oval over the last two seasons, and in 2017 he headed all the riders in all the important categories of cycling. It should again become a gold mine of DFS and be one of the preferred options in all formats.

3. Kevin Harvey:

Last year’s changes in Ford Racing damaged Harvey’s numbers, but he still finished 23 of the top 10, finishing third in class and middle position. In other words, it still remains a virtual castle, becoming the top five fantasy performers in 2018. Harvik is a short list of drivers that can provide stable finishing on any track, while providing a dominant position.

4. Kyle Larsson:

Everyone is waiting for the breakthrough year, which will finally take place in 2017. Larsson won 4 games, reached 15 top 5 and held more than 1300 laps. Mechanical problems made him an instant hit in the championship fight, but fantasy owners can welcome Larson in an elite class. It should be the basic composition in various formats, especially those who include the baseball category in the scoring system.

5. Brad Keselowski:

Despite the endless complaints about the shortcomings of the Ford team, Keselowski somehow managed to provide a solid model, permeated with the fantasy that the Fantasy owner expects. He again won several victories in 2018, at least 12 in the top 5 and over 20 in the top 10.

6. Danny Hamlin:

I know that he tends to be hot and cold, but Hamlin opens the best season. His leader in 710 circles is his highest figure since 2012, and his top 5 and 22 top-10 are the most in his career. At the same time, his average score of 11.6 points is the best in his career. When the Toyota team starts shooting at all the cylinders, Hamlin should be the top ten dream options for most of the year, gaining a huge advantage on a flat track, a short track and a track.

7. Chase Elliott:

He is still looking for his first victory, but Elliot made an impressive season of newcomers in his new season of newcomers in 2017. Looking for Eliot to finally reach the victorious alley in 2018, and more importantly, he must make a serious push to become the five fantastic elections.

8. Joe Rocano:

Locarno entered the season season championship of 2017, but was “weakened” after the victory in Richmond, and his season was out of the game. He did not even make it to the playoffs, and he was the worst season since joining Panski. Logano does not require a driver to shut down. At an early stage, I will perceive the similarity, but if he shows signs of returning to his five best appearances, I will not hesitate to return to the team.

9. Jimmy Johnson:

Although he won the championship in 2016 and won three games last year, Johnson was in the worst career. In fact, last year he was the worst year of his outstanding career. He won only four fives and an average of 16.8. Turning a Chevrolet on a Camaro should help, but it’s time to stop seeing Johnson as a hairpin of a weekly fantasy and start using it on certain tracks.

10. Eric Jones:

his season of beginners was a huge success. Jones scored 14 of the top 10, almost in the winning lane of Bristol. In the second half of this year, Jones began to show the best 5th potential. I hope that he will make a big leap in his second year, because he joined Joe Gibbs’ team. Looking for Jones to win his first victory under his belt, I think that the top 10 of his 20’s can be achieved.

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