WORLD CUP:Tiny Iceland continues to live the Dream

Any neutral player who wants the team to lag behind in the world championship should not go beyond Iceland. This is the story of good international football. He just keeps giving.With approximately 330,000 inhabitants, the Nordic countries are the smallest country that has ever had the right to participate in the tournament. Two years ago, Iceland also went to the European Championships for the first time, and it was in the quarter-finals – it’s cool to England.

In addition to the legend, the coach of the team Heimar Hallgrimsson combined the leadership of the national team with clinics of dental surgery in a small town in Iceland. There is also a very hardworking, disinterested player who simply avoids his dreams before looking at the world. Providing Icelanders with more global attention was their first opponent in Group D: the identity of Messi as an Argentine team.

Icelandic tales have become even more fascinating: fanaticism and enthusiastic fans made the French summer film “Destructive” war in 2016. If this has the same effect in Russia, do not be surprised. Accession to the legend – the coach of the team Heimar Hallgrimsson, who combined the management team with clinics of dental surgery in a small town in Iceland. And a hard-working and disinterested team is basically a player who was not previously annotated. They just get rid of their dreams before they look at the world.


Hallgrimsson was the assistant to head coach Lars Lagerback at Euro 2016, and was promoted ahead of the World Cup qualifying campaign when Lagerback stood down. A modest and well-respected coach in Iceland, Hallgrimsson has managed to keep motivational levels high within the squad after the Euros. He has also stuck to his own unique approach — before every Iceland home game, Hallgrimsson meets up with a supporters’ group in a Reykjavik bar and discloses the team’s starting lineup and tactics.


Hannes Khalddorsson is the undisputed number one – and has an interesting backstory. He was the filmmaker for the music video of the Eurovision song contest in the country in 2012. Career for the camera is suspended until the end of his football career.


Ragnar Sigurdsson and Kari Arnason. The defense is a combination of the central defenders. They are very close on the field. At the age of 35, Arnason was one of the veterans of the Icelandic team. He spent his career in the low grades and low grades of the English Football League. He is now in Scotland with Aberdeen.


Bearded captain Allan Gunnarson – heartbeat midfield midfield. Heavy hunter and scary figure, he missed his travel and made more creative team players – such as Gylfi Sigurdsson and Johann Berg Gudmundsson – doing their job. Gunnarsson also led Icelandic Thunder fans. After Burnley participated in an impressive season in the Premier League, widespread midfielder Gudmundsen grew up.


Gyulfi Sigurdsson is the star of the Icelandic team and has long been used by his country as an organizer of midfield. During the qualifying period, he sometimes used the striker forward 4-2-3-1, allowing Iceland to extend the midfield and use it in the world championship. It is for this reason that he is suitable for the game – Sigurdsson was wounded since early March and has not returned yet. This is a serious problem for his country. After transferring $ 58 million from Swansea last summer, he also made an impact this season at Everton. Kolbeinn Sigtorsson was the starting striker on EURO-2016, but due to a knee injury he barely played. John Dadi Bodvarsson was supposed to win the World Cup.


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